Publication Ethics

We appreciate you for choosing to visit the site of the Center for Global Research Development (CGRD) where we aim at rapid publication of high quality research while maintaining rigorous but sympathetic peer review process. We bring the highest quality research to the global academic community by facilitating quick time 

publication and minimizing administrative costs as well as provide authors and minimizing administrative costs as well as provide authors with excellent level of services, including authorization, which allow their research works to be extensively propagated as possible. We provide free access to research information around the globe online without financial, legal or technical barriers.

CGRD adopts the Committee on Publication Ethics, Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors on publication ethics.

CGRDis not ordinarily in a position to investigate unprofessional or unethical allegations themselves, but editors have a responsibility to alert appropriate bodies (for example, employers, funders, regulatory authorities) and urge them to investigate. CGRD encourage authors and readers to inform them if they discover errors in published work

CGRD publishes 'withdrawals' if work is proven to be unprofessional or unethical, or 'expressions of concern' if editors have logical suspicions of misconduct.

CGRD strongly advice that the following must be confirmed:


  • That information relating manuscripts are kept confidential.
  • That any observed conflict of interest relating manuscripts must be disclosed.


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